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DYNOJET WHEELIE MACHINE - 1st one in the world!

This is a lifetime opportunity - Own a piece of history
Pricing starts at $27,000 USD
Don't Miss Out on this Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Own a Piece of History!

All Pricing Subject to Change due to Materials/Labor Cost Increases

BRAND NEW ARRIVALS - X11 Wheelie Machine 
The new crossover wheelie machine is here and available (please inquire via email) 
Also, be sure to check out the X13 Series Wheelie Machines - Very Affordable!

To All Enthusiasts Out There Wanting to Purchase Their Very Own Wheelie Machines
Use This Experience To Your Advantage and Take These Words Very Seriously......
XTREME WHEELIE RIDE is the FIRST & ORIGINAL in the ENTIRE WORLD - XWR is also the ONLY One Holding the PATENT on this Fabulous Machine!
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(Email from a very now desperate & disappointed buyer of a counterfeit machine):
"I bought this wheelie machine 4 months ago from another company, their design was electromagnetic brake system; unfortunately this machine is broken down due to brake system & I'm totally out of commission. I wish I'd bought from XWR, the world-renowned machine. I regret this & desperately need help, please".