XWR provides you the opportunity
to start up your own cash-flow business.
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Main Objective: To sell Xtreme Wheelie Ride® machines and merchandise while affording XWR Operators/Owners an opportunity to sell and promote their own goods.

Have FUN!

Find individuals or corporations that realize the potential opportunity, having the vision to prosper with this outstanding business proposition.

- Seeking sponsors and investors
- Seeking full or partial financial support

Xtreme Wheelie Ride® Corp. developed a machine that is affordable to everyone.

Xtreme Wheelie Ride® can be custom-built and personalized for any unique
situation or need.

Xtreme Wheelie Ride® will be sold as a ride to diverse venues. It can be sold as a real motorcycle simulator or as a virtual reality simulator that performs wheelies without risk.

- Theme Parks
- Dealerships
- Commercial and/or Recreational

Xtreme Wheelie Ride® serves as a training tool for beginning riders in teaching coordination in shifting gears, using the clutch, throttle control, without stalling the motorcycle.

Xtreme Wheelie Ride® is also a training tool for the most advanced riders.

Options for sale

- Corporations (restaurants, bars and much more)
- Distributorships (dealerships, commercial retail)
- Individual(s)

Opportunity to generate substantial income providing the program is followed.

Success and Imagination…….. It’s UP TO YOU.
Duplication – Duplication - Duplication = PROFIT